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Deals and Offers on Group Flights

In case you didn’t know, it pays to fly together in a group. Yes, most airline offer Group Airfare Deals.

AirFlySmart offers attractive Group Travel Packages. Benefit from our competitive fares, flexible ticketing options and assistance in booking and managing your group’s travel. You can secure your booking with a booking fee and deposit as mentioned in your contract.

So, if it’s family reunions, alumni reunions, destination weddings, student group travel, family vacations, sporting events, meetings, corporate events, retreats, an offsite event or more, if you book tickets together for a group of 10 or more travelling to the same destination, on the same day, on the same flight, most major airlines give Group Travel Discounts. Therefore, it’s important to know this piece of information.

To plan a perfect family budget travel, is your answer. We will not only answer all your queries, but also help you choose and book cheap flights for your family. Whether it is a popular holiday destination, a beach resort, an untouched, pristine place or you want to set foot in a wild region, let us help you plan budget friendly packages you would love and take you to travel destinations you dream of. We love to help our customers have a family holiday of a lifetime.

Most airlines offer many types of incentives and Group Flight Deals like:

  • Change of name per ticket, up to 48 hours prior to departure
  • Block seats without names until closer to departure
  • Flexible ticketing timelines
  • Flexible payment options
  • Priority checks in
  • Low advance payment and service of a group coordinator
  • Automatic seat assignments at commitment
  • Changes in itinerary deviations on return for all passengers within a seven-day window
  • Air tickets are not refundable, but flight credits may be used for future group reservations.

Group Airfare Deals vary from airline to airline, so don’t forget to check out on Group Travel Discounts and other benefits before booking tickets for your group. Choose an airline that ensures best value for money and offers the best deal.

Group Flight Deals are also available for 10 or more people travelling to the same destination from different geographical locations, that includes:

  • Refundable fares and flexible ticketing
  • Name change for on one booking up to 48 hours prior to departure
  • Commit block space over a period – up to 330 days before departure
  • Simplified, transparent pricing with pre-determined fares
  • Ability to add names if all travellers are not known at the time of booking
  • Automatic seat assignments at commitment

Deals on Group Travel for more than 10 people for Meetings and Conferences include:

  • Help with planning business meetings, conferences and trade shows
  • Assistance with a meeting or conference size of 40 or more attendees
  • Hold booking up to 330 days in advance
  • Seeking no minimum ticketing requirements
  • Having travellers choose and self-book their desired flights
  • Getting a discount off published fares, in either or both premium and economy cabins

Flying with a Small Group

If your travel group falls short of the prescribed number to avail for Group Travel Discounts, don’t lose heart. You can still save money on buying individual tickets or buying tickets for a small group.

Airline pricing is based on supply and demand. Airline fares are more expensive during peak season but again during the off season, if the seats are filling up, the fares go up. Airlines often designate seat allotment by price point. So, booking tickets for a group will not guarantee that all tickets are priced the same. Time your booking of tickets to dodge price swings. It may help to break down your Group Travel Booking into further small group bookings to get the best deal.

Airline flight prices vary based on many factors; however, Group Flight Deals are something to look out for while booking tickets for a group.

For group travel packages, Airflysmart is the best choice! Let us help you plan, book, and take care of all your group travel needs.

At Airflysmart, offer over 18 million discounted fares around the world, and partnerships with the top vacation and cruise purveyors. If it’s a group of 20 for training, 200 for an incentive trip, or 2,000 for an annual sales meeting, we can help you get the best Group Travel Discounts.

Due to our long-standing relationship with airlines, we can bring you discounted offers and fares. Therefore, it’s a smart choice to book your Group Travel Package on AirFlySmart.

Why book Group Flights on AirFlySmart?

The answer is simple – AirflySmart offers the best deals & offers, best price guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Therefore, Be Smart and be AirflySmart!

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