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Be Smart and Book First Class Flights on AirFlySmart

You think flying in the First Class is only for the elite, right? Not anymore. AirFlySmart offers attractive deals on First Class Airline Tickets. We make your fantasies come true. So, make use of our First Class Airfare Deals and experience the luxury of travelling First Class.

AirFlySmart makes your dreams come true. Fly in the comfort of First Class and enjoy the luxury of First Class service.

No matter what your destination, make a style statement. Take off in style, travel in style and arrive in style with our First Class Flight Discounts.

Whether it’s the beauty of Switzerland or the allure of South Africa. If it’s Europe calling you or you are enchanted by the beaches of Hawaii. Whether it’s the forests of Madagascar or the pristine beauty of Antarctica, honeymoon travel, adventure trip or a family vacation, let your heart decide and leave the rest to us.

There’s nothing like the experience of flying First Class. The perks start even before you board the flight. Flying First Class includes benefits and perks such as:

  • Access to the airport lounge
  • Priority boarding
  • Spacious comfortable seats with plenty of legroom
  • Comfort of having privacy
  • A gourmet menu and exotic cocktails to choose from
  • Access to premium toiletries, bigger entertainment screen, sleep masks and noise cancelling headphones
  • Getting treated like a celebrity
  • Travelling in comfort and arriving at your destination in style.

So, choose from our many First Class Airfare deals and experience the glamour of First-Class travel.

FAQs about Flying First Class

How to get cheap First-Class Flights?

Since airline fares fluctuate regularly, subscribe for price alerts with different websites or apps to get regular information on the current price status. These websites and apps, send you the latest information in real time so that you don’t miss out on great First Class Deals and discounts being offered by various airlines.

Is it possible to Upgrade to First Class at the Airport?

For a frequent flyer, especially if you fly 25,000 miles in a year, upgrading to First Class at the airport is easy. If there are First Class seats available on the flight, upgrading at the airport is a good possibility. In fact, if seats are available, you can always upgrade to First Class at a low premium. You would probably save a lot of money compared to if you had booked First class ticket in the first place. So do check for upgrade possibility at the airport. You may just end up being lucky!

How do I increase my chances of getting upgraded to the First Class?

    There are some tips and tricks to easily get upgraded to the First class:
  • First if you turn up at the airport looking professional and dressed up smartly, you up your chances for an upgrade. Airport looks are important. Dress the part to be treated as someone important.
  • Next, you could try your charm with the airline staff. Charm always works. Put on your best smile and make your kill.
  • Again, if you are travelling alone, that ups your chances for an upgrade because single seats are easier to come by than two or more.
  • Reaching the airport well before check in time also helps. Like they say – early bird catches the fish.
  • If you fly the same airline every time, your chances of getting upgraded go up. Everyone likes loyal customers. Most airlines treat loyal customers with such benefits as free upgrades or upgrades at a low premium.

Book your First Class tickets on AirFlySmart and we will get you the best on First Class Deals. Like we say – Be Smart, be AirflySmart

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